A brain or spinal cord injury is one that usually consists of rehabilitation for a complete recovery. Rehabilitation is referred to as medical treatment, including physical activity, that helps a patient recover from an injury or accident.

When dealing with an injury involving the brain or spinal cord, it is crucial to receive proper rehabilitation. Rehabilitation helps people create a path to function and live normally again.

A traumatic injury can be life changing, and can take time to adjust. This can involve patients having to use a wheelchair and various other medical devices. The challenge for the victim is to become accustom to these alterations that have resulted from a personal injury.

On Hilton Head Island, severe automobile accidents on Highway 278 can result in injuries to the brain or spinal cord. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident resulting in spine or brain injury, it is important that you are compensated with proper rehabilitation. Our attorneys serving Beaufort and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina want to provide you the appropriate rehabilitation you need.