Product companies, under injury law, are required to provide correctly labeled products, as well as properly made products. If a product has caused serious injury due to mislabeling or if it was improperly made, you are entitled to rights to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

At Berry & Carr, we have the experience to investigate a defective or mislabeled product. Some of the most common types of product liability cases where we have represented people and their families are below:

AppliancesLead Paint
Automobile ProductsMachinery
Children’s ToysMisuse of the Product by a Third Party
Construction EquipmentProduct Failures
Farming EquipmentRecalls
Herbicides and InsecticidesToxic Exposures
Household ProductsLadders and Scaffolds

According to the product liability law, a product manufacturer, manufacturer of component parts, wholesale or retail store are all liable for a mislabeled or dangerous product. We feel bringing these products to life will also decrease the likelihood that a product will harm someone else in the future.

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