You should be able to trust the health care facilities your loved ones are placed at. It is legally their duty to provide care for elderly citizens acting as their caregiver. Unfortunately, that is not always true, as there are cases on the rise reporting of neglect and abuse to those residents.

Our Beaufort attorneys at Berry & Carr have experience in protecting residents and their families to get the care and service they deserve. Below are some of the most common types of neglect and abuse from nursing facilities:

FallsRefusal of Medical Treatment
Pressure SoresMalnutrition/Dehydration
Improper Use of Physical RestraintsInfections
Improper Use of MedicationsAssaults

Uncovering Abuse of the Elderly

Below are ways to tell if an elderly resident have been subject to nursing home neglect or nursing home abuse:

Frequent injuriesFrequent complaints of pain without obvious injury
Passive, withdrawn or emotionless behaviorLack of reaction to pain
Lack of personal cleanliness 

We have access to the resources to fully investigate and uncover suspicious behavior from nursing home staff and management to get to the bottom of the situation. We can obtain the necessary documentation, including medical records with standard care that should be in place. We can help you get full financial compensation for your loved one.

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