With South Carolina weather, many enjoy owning a motorcycle, which can be used year-round. For some, it is their main way of transportation. The second you enter the road, you put yourself at risk for distracted drivers.

According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis in 2015, the number of automobile accidents involving motorcycles increased by 8% and 80% of those accidents resulted in injury or facility to the motorcyclist. Injuries can be as severe as a head injury or spine injury, causing lifelong impairments.

Some reasonings for motorcycle accidents include:

Negligence or carelessness of another driverFaulty repair work on motorcycle
Unsafe road conditionsImproper road maintenance
Defective motorcycle design 

If you or a family member has been involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle resulting in injury or death, we are here to help you. We will investigate the accident and help you understand what you are entitled to.

We will help work with your insurance agency while you recover, so you can get the full financial recoveries you deserve.

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