Automobile accidents involving drunk driving kills 28 people in the United States every 51 minutes. In 2015 10,265 people died due to alcohol impaired crashes, and 181 of those people were children 14 and under. Although there are safety measures being put into place to prevent drunk driving, it is still one of the most common causes to automobile accidents in the United States. Below are a few additional statistics pulled from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD):

50-75% of convicted drunk-drivers continue to drive on a suspended license.The rate of drunk driving is highest among 21-25 year olds.
2-3 people will be involved in a drunk-driving crash in their lifetime. Drunk-driving costs the United States about $199 billion every year.
Every 2 minutes, a person is injured in a drunk-driving accident. An average drunk-driver has driven drunk 80 times before being arrested.

Our Beaufort attorneys will work to protect your rights from injuries caused by a drunk-driving accident. We understand how destructive this can be for the victim and the victim’s family. We will protect you while you focus on recovery from the accident.

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