Did an accident cause suffering to your brain or spinal cord? We may be able to help you. Our Beaufort law firm has experience and can help take care of any legal issues for you.

We will help ensure that you or your family member will receive full compensation for the injury, including payment for:

Medical BillsRehabilitation
Loss of IncomeScarring/Disfigurement
Loss of Employment PotentialProperty Damage

We take the time to fully investigate the circumstances of the injury so that we can document its full effects on your daily life, both now and in the future.

Victims of Brain Injuries 

The most common type of injury is a brain injury through sudden trauma. Those types of injuries are called traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

They are often due to a traumatic experience caused by some of the following accidents:

Automobile AccidentsBicycle Accidents
Motorcycle AccidentsPedestrian Accidents
Trucking AccidentsWorkplace Accidents

Our Beaufort attorneys are experienced in brain injury cases, which requires them to have a thorough understanding of all types and causes of brain injuries. We have a network of qualified individuals that will help us assess the severity of the injury, as well as immediate or long-term effects.

Spinal cord injuries can be one of the most devastating types of injuries. They can result in paralysis, complete, partial, paraplegia or quadriplegia. Spinal cord injuries occur when a person’s vertebrae is dislocated or fractured.

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