With warm weather all year round, the Lowcountry has the climate for bicycles to be a way of transportation, leisure, exercise or competitive training. But riding your bicycle can result in accidents just like automobiles and motorcycles..

Protecting the Rights of Injured People

Just like automobiles, insurance companies have policies for whoever is at-fault. You will present your case to an insurance team of adjusters, investigators and attorneys to receive the amount of money that will help pay for medical and hardware costs.

We at Berry & Carr can help negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you obtain the full compensation that you deserve through personal injury laws. We will work to investigate and reach deadlines after the accident happens to ensure you receive the benefits and financial help that you deserve with any accident. We want you to be able to relax and recover from your injuries while we do the work for you.

Our Beaufort attorneys are successful in representing people who inquire injuries as a result of a bicycle accident.