It only takes one distracted or impaired driver to create an automobile accident and change any person’s life. Our Beaufort, South Carolina law firm is here to help you with the aftermath of an accident.

Have you been seriously injured or had a family member killed in an automobile or motor vehicle accident? We can help represent you and help you get a fair recovery from you or your loved one’s injuries. We strive to protect your rights, and work on investigating all aspects of your accident.

Protecting the Rights of Injured People

Our Beaufort attorneys have experience in negotiating with your insurance company to get the compensation for your injury and accident that you deserve. Don’t worry about the challenges with your insurance company, we can make sure they do not downplay the extent of injury, and we can communicate with insurance adjustors, investigators and attorneys.

We can help ease the situation through the knowledge that our Beaufort lawyers will bring to the table. They are committed to investigating and helping people and their rights as insured drivers.

Here is a list of common accidents that our lawyers have extensive experience with:

Pedestrian AccidentsSUV Rollover Accidents
 Motorcycle AccidentsTrain-Crossing Accidents
 Trucking AccidentsBus Accidents

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