Are you a victim of an animal attack or dog bite? The Lowcountry follows South Carolina law stating that a dog’s owner is liable for damage or suffering by a dog bite or attack, unless the owner can prove the dog was provoked.

Being attacked or bitten by an animal can be a traumatic event that someone may never recover from completely, making this kind of event not only damaging physically, but mentally as well.

Animal bites or attacks can cause serious injuries including minor skin break, major wounds requiring surgery to correct muscle, nerve or tissue damage, or cosmetic alterations causing a victim’s physical appearance to be altered.

Our Beaufort law firm will protect your rights as a South Carolina resident while you take your time recovering from the harm you received during the attack. Our Beaufort lawyers have experience in investigating the facts and determining what needs to be filed against the animal owner, insurer or any third party that is responsible in the situation. Let us deal with the legal side of an animal attack so you can fully recover as quickly as possible.

Compensation can be recovered due to the following ways:

 Medical Treatments Lost Wages
 Future Treatments Psychological Counseling

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