General Practice

A general practice law firm is one that is qualified to handle cases in numerous areas of law. Full-service lawyers are able to take on a variety of different cases, such as personal injury, family law and estate planning, and business law.

An outstanding general practice law firm is one whose lawyers have complementary knowledge and skills. For example, a firm may consist of three personal injury lawyers, each with expertise in a particular practice area of personal injury law.

Benefits of hiring a Beaufort/Bluffton Attorney

Local attorneys know the local courts, judges, police and prosecutors; as well as their procedures and regulations.Local attorneys know the lawyers and specialists in the area with whom they are likely to confer.
Taking your case out of town to a big city firm, may mean sacrificing the personal touch and forfeiting the individual attention you need. If problems arise during the case, a local lawyers is likely to be close by, ensuring a fast and convenient meeting. A local lawyers will also have an easier time making it to court hearings. Local lawyers have many advantages when investigating your case. If you are involved with a slip and fall case, they will most likely be familiar with the property where it happened. Or, if they are investigating a traffic accident, they will know the local roads and traffic patterns. These small details could make a huge difference in your case.

We have a genuine concern for our clients and the community. If you were injured in an accident that could have been prevented, we want to help you. For more than 25 years, our Bluffton and Beaufort lawyers have been doing just that. We also want to help others by making sure that the conditions that caused your injury are avoided in the future. We represent clients in all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We care about our clients, and welcome you to contact us any time.

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