Excessive Speed

South Carolina boating speed limits are regulated across Hilton Head Island and Beaufort to ensure operators do not endanger others or cause injury or unnecessary inconvenience. All boat operators must stay alert while carrying passengers that does not exceed the boat’s carrying capacity. Operators must be alert for avoiding collision at all times.

Speed limit indications can be noted with white buoys or signs that have red markings and black letters. Other signs such as ‘Idle Speed’ or ‘No Wake Speed’ represent when to maintain a slower, operating speed.

The speed recommended is one that does not disrupt surrounding docks and allows maintainable steerage. All boat operators are responsible for any damage done to someone’s property or personal watercraft.

To ensure safety to all boaters in South Carolina, these boating laws are strictly enforced through the Lowcountry; however, these laws are still broken and cause serious injuries to others.

If you have been involved in a boating accident caused from excessive speeding, call our Hilton Head Island attorneys with Berry & Carr. Having over 30 years of experience with boating laws, it is our goal to help you receive maximum compensation from your personal injury case.