Defective Equipment

In South Carolina, it is major priority to have all boating equipment fully operational and functioning, to a certain degree of standards. Equipment such as personal floatation devices and lights are to be checked for any malfunctions prior to operating any personal watercraft. All boats must contain personal floatation devices. for all passengers on board.

Accidents happen when you least expect them, so you must be ready at all times. Beaufort county strictly enforces life jacket regulation to prevent drowning. Having defective navigation lights can result in boat, dock or landing collisions if operating a boat in harsh weather conditions. It is required by law that all personal watercrafts have a functioning fire extinguisher.

Boat fires can happen due to a defective engine or result from lack of responsibility. It is also important to have boat engines functioning properly to prevent oil spills or leaks.

South Carolina vessels are also required to carry a whistle to alert other watercraft operators. If you are traveling through coastal waters, your vessel is required to have flares in case of emergencies.

With all of the precautions and regulations of boating equipment, accidents still occur in the water on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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