Actual photos of injuries, accident scenes, and medical illustrations from cases handled by Lowcountry Injury Law.

wrist anatomy wrecked vehicletotaled vehicle torso skeleton stiches in leg stiched in wrist shoulder-anatomy Scar-2-150x150 rsd ankle pic-of-right-arm-150x150 Noahs-Knee-003-150x150 motorcycle wreckleg injuries crutch knee wound jpeg.goodpi-150x150 injured wrist grounding rod in sidewalk hosptial bed forkliftElbow-Fractures1-150x150car wreck (2) car crash car crash (2) bruised heel burns in hospital broken elbow illustration broken arm in case bandaged waist ARM-150x150 arm in sling ankle cut blood ankle injury ankle brace Anatomy-of-Shoulder-150x150 14.-Elbow-X-ray-hardwareFrozen-shoulder+Adhesive-capsulitisbroken letbroken-leg-xrayWrist (right)- Medical Illustration