• 1.Personal Injury FAQ
  • How do I know if I have a case or whether you will take my case?

    A short consultation, at no cost to you, usually is all that is needed in order to determine if you have a case and should hire an attorney.  In other instances, we need additional time, effort and investigation to make the decision. If you have been seriously injured, we will use all of our resources to try to help you. If we can’t do so, we will tell you as quickly as possible.

  • Can’t I just negotiate with the insurance company directly?

    Of course you can and that is exactly what the insurance company would prefer; but remember, the insurance company adjuster has only one goal – to save his company money by paying you as little as possible for your injuries and financial losses. They do not care about your real losses and will take advantage of the fact that you have no experience in evaluating the amount of compensation you deserve. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to obtain all the relevant documentation, properly evaluate your losses and negotiate a fair settlement of your injury claim.  The insurance company needs to know that if they do not negotiate in good faith and offer a fair settlement, that your personal injury attorney will file suit or continue with litigation. The more experience your attorney has in actually litigating personal injury claims in court, the more the insurance company will want to settle – they fear the risk and uncertainty of what a jury may award when an experience personal injury trial lawyer is handling your case.

  • Why should an injured victim hire a Beaufort SC personal injury attorney?

    A victim who is seriously injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing has the legal right to ask for compensation for their losses.  An experienced Beaufort personal injury lawyer with Lowcountry Injury Law can file a personal injury or wrongful death claim on their behalf in an attempt to obtain maximum monetary compensation. An attorney can also negotiate to reach a fair settlement or, if necessary, file suit and litigate during a civil trial. In addition, only an experienced personal injury  attorney will fully understand a client’s legal rights, how to evaluate the case in terms of the liability issues and settlement value, and know exactly what must be accomplished to achieve a successful outcome in the case, which is always to obtain the maximum amount of recovery possible.

  • Should I speak with the insurance company?

    If you have already hired an attorney, you should direct the insurance company to them.  If not, it’s best to consult with an attorney if you have any questions. Insurance companies are looking out for their best interests, not yours.  Be wary about being asked to give a statement without legal advice.  Many times information given in this statement can be used to unfairly minimize your claim.

  • Can I afford your services?

    Attorneys fees and costs of litigation can be overwhelming.  Understanding this reality, we handle cases on a contingency fee basis. What that means, in simple terms, is you pay no legal fees unless you win an award, either through settlement or a trial. We make the full investment of money and time to win justice for you. If we succeed in your behalf, we are paid a percentage of the award, which is discussed and put in writing at the time of our engagement. We are also reimbursed for our expenses. What is most important is this: we have never lost a case for lack of money or for professional time, and we never will. For more information about Contingent Attorneys Fees, click here.

  • How do I pay for the expenses of my case?

    In many cases, especially where it would cause a financial burden for the client to pay expenses incurred during the case, i.e., costs for medical records, investigator, depositions, expert witnesses, etc., our law firm will advance the expenses and be paid back from your portion of the recovery.

  • How much is my case worth?

    The best way to determine a fair settlement amount for your case is to schedule a free initial consultation with Beaufort personal injury attorney Dan Denton or other attorney associated with Lowcountry Injury Law. He or she will review the circumstances of your claim and tell you immediately a range of  how much monetary compensation you may be entitled to receive for your losses, based upon his experience in settling cases with insurance companies and obtaining jury awards. Of course, no guarantee can ever be given as to how much you will ultimately recover and the settlement value of any case can, and often does, change as all the details and evidence in the case are obtained, such as medical records, medical bills, lost wage calculations, doctors’ opinions as to any permanent impairments, etc.

    For a Free Case Evaluation, and to help us better analyze your case and to be more prepared when you call or meet with us in the office, please fill out and submit our Accident Questionnaire.

  • What elements or types of compensation may a personal injury victim receive?

    Monetary compensation that a victim may receive for damages can include: past and future medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of future earning potential, loss of benefits, loss of companionship, property damage, mental anguish, pain and suffering and more. To learn more about what compensation you or a loved one may be entitled to for your particular case, please Contact Us to schedule a free consultation. For more information on evaluation of injury claims and the elements of damages, see/download PI Cases – General Information & FAQ.

  • Do all accident, injury, & wrongful death cases go to trial?

    No. Nearly all cases are settled, often before a law suit is filed. If a suit is filed (which will only occur with your consent), most of the filed cases are settled during required mediation. For information, click Mediation. When a personal injury or wrongful death claim is filed in court, your personal injury lawyer will aggressively negotiate with all opposing parties in an effort to reach a settlement and avoid going to trial that may take years to conclude. If a settlement is concluded outside of court, it could also save a client the stress and time of preparing for trial and spent in court and allow a victim or victim’s family member the opportunity to begin re-building their lives with much needed financial security. However, if a case must go to trial, your Beaufort SC personal injury attorney Dan Denton will provide aggressive litigation in court in an effort to obtain the maximum recovery on a client’s behalf.

  • Who will work on my case?

    Clients' cases are sometimes handled personally by Mr. Denton, and other times, with the client’s knowledge and consent, arrangements are made for Lowcountry Injury Laww associate counsel, David Berry, Esq. or Patrick Carr, Esq., to either assist Mr. Denton as co-counsel, or to handle your case with little or no involvement of Mr. Denton. In such event, the client will be fully informed as to his or her case attorney. Mr. Denton only works with top personal injury trial lawyers with proven records of success in representing injured victims, all of whom he has worked with in the past and has personal knowledge of their competence and experience.  A trained paralegal will be assigned to your case and she will contact you when needed to obtain information, keep you updated as to the status of your case, and she often can answer any question you may have.

  • What is the deadline for filing a personal injury law suit?

    According to the South Carolina Statute of Limitations a victim or family member must file a personal injury or wrongful death claim within a 2-3 year period from the date of the accident, depending upon the nature of their case. However, the longer a victim waits to file a claim, evidence may become lost, destroyed or damaged, and memories may fade, witnesses may move, in addition to much more. Any of these can drastically affect the outcome of a claim, possibly decreasing the value of monetary compensation to be awarded if a settlement or recovery is reached.

  • Can you settle my case without me knowing?

    No. There will be no settlement of your case unless you have approved the terms in advance. However, part of our job is to make recommendations as to the amount and terms of any settlement.

  • Can you represent me if I am from out of state?

    If your loss occurred in the state of South Carolina you will need to retain an attorney here.  We are accustomed to working successfully with out of state clients and their local attorneys.

  • Why do we so frequently win favorable settlements?

    Because we always deal from strength, never from weakness. We are always prepared to go to trial. The defendant’s attorneys know about our years of experience, and sooner or later, understands how well prepared we are. There is no guarantee, of course, but at the right point, a favorable settlement becomes more likely.  For summaries of some of our cases, click Case Results.

  • How long will this process take?

    There is no certain answer. We’ll move as quickly as possible, but a wide range of factors can affect resolution of your case, including the nature of your case, the seriousness of your injuries, and the backlog in the court. What helps is the fact that our knowledge and experience often makes it possible for us to get to court relatively quickly. Once there, as we said, the opposing lawyers may well seek a settlement early in the proceedings, or even sooner. For other Personal Injury related FAQs and to view information videos on different types of accident and injury cases, click LawInfo.com.

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